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De Luxe Royal Ride in Mad Ludwig Land

Dinner Train Munich photoBavaria Germany is perhaps best known for those interested in castles for its quirky king who loved to build palaces, Ludwig II. Visitors often ask what’s the best way to get to King Ludwig’s castles, the ephemeral Neuschwanstein with its spires or the palace from where the king would watch his masterpiece being constructed, Hohenschwangau Castle. From April through October, perhaps the most elegant way to get to the Ludwig castles near Fussen is by luxury Dinner Train.

Ludwigs Castle photoA company called Palazzo which has been operating Imperial Themed dinner trains in Austria, began service in April 2009 from Munich to Hohenshwangau Castle at the foot in the Bavarian Alps for a luxury dining ride and a chance to play dress-up for a Cinderella and her Prince Charming. The train in special period rail cars pulled by diesel engine departs Munich Hauptbahnhof at 3:55 in the afternoon for a journey through the lush Bavarian countryside to Fussen near Schwangau, entertained and educated about the history of the Wittelsbach king. Play dress up in your Imerial On arrival at the castle of Hohenschwangau by bus from Füssen, passengers are whisked away to the royal palace like Cinderella to the ball in horse drawn carriages for an after hours tour inside Hohenshwangau, built by Ludwig’s grandfather and lived in by his mother Maria of Prussia, while Ludwig would visit for his building project, Neuschwanstein, never completed in his lifetime, Dinner Train Bavaria Germnay photowhich stands on the hillside above the older palace. The tour does not go to Neuschwanstein, but only allows a view from below. After the tour, participants settle in the Royal Beer Garden for late afternoon refreshments. On the return trip to Munich in the evening, a four course gourmet dinner fit for an Arch-Duke or Duchess is served on the train, prepared by one of Germany’s top chefs’ Harald Wohlfahrt, arriving back in Munich at 11:50 pm, just before the glass slipper breaks at the stroke midnight. The King Ludwig theme Hohenschwangau Dinner Train only runs twice a month on every second Friday. The cost for the Dinner Train to Hohenschwangau is 249 Euro per person including the train, dinner, bus transfer, carriage, castle tour and beer garden refreshments. Drinks are extra. A shorter dinner train trip to Garmish-Partenkirchen without the castles is offered for 179 Euro. Or for the truly royal, the Imperial Train can be taken all the way to Vienna. © Bargain Luxury Travel

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Bavaria Dinner Train

These articles are copyrighted and the sole property of Bargain Luxury Travel and WLPV, LLC. and may not be copied or reprinted without permission. Hohenschwangau Dinner Train photos courtesy Palazzo and Munich Marketing

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